Blog Post 6 Articles with Opposite Bias

For this blog post assignment I decided to look into the Gina Carano situation that has been going on for the last few weeks. Gina Carano was an actress who played in the Mandalorian which is a Star Wars based show that streams on Disney+. Gina was fired two weeks ago for posting what many considered to be very disstatseful comparisons between Jewish people during the holocaust and republicans in todays society. While looking for articles I found two very interesting articles that talked about this situation very differently. The first article comes from the Washington Post where Timothy Bella the talks about how disgusting the comments Gina made were. Timothy explains to the reader what exactly Gina had posted and how it was very offensive and should not be posted to the internet. Timothy does not mention what happened during the firing process in this situation though. This is where the other article from comes in. WDW Pro writes that Disney did not handle the firing of Gina Carano the way they should have and it looked very unprofessional of them to do it the way they did. WDW Pro makes the claim that this was an effort to have Gina never hired by anyone again. I found these two articles very interesting because the Washington Post article seemed to focus more on what Gina said and how wrong it was rather than how the situation was handled. On the other hand the article from focuses on the unprofessional manner in which Disney fired Gina and how they did not take the right steps to do so. This was interesting to read about because it helped reinforce the idea that there is bias in news and you have to read more than one source on most situations because many people will report on stories different ways and leave important facts out just to reinforce their argument.

Disney’s Awful, No Good, Very Bad Gina Carano Situation (

Gina Carano of ‘The Mandalorian’ let go by Lucasfilm for ‘abhorrent’ social media posts – The Washington Post

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